About Us

Hi my name is Chris Smith. I'm the owner of Mower Man Lawn Services, LLC. I have been doing landscaping/yard work for over 20 years now in Lane County. I have also done a lot of travelling and went to Lane Community College and have a four year degree from the University of Oregon. I have two wonderful children who recently moved to Portland. My daughter Liana is 7 years old and is sweet, smart and quite the little soccer player! My Son is 11 now and wise beyond his years as well. He is also very intelligent and football is his passion!

I really love to work outside all year round and I'm passionate about the work I do! From pulling weeds to doing creative projects with rocks and bamboo, I really enjoy it all. It's not just experience that sets me apart from the competition but more it's my love and devotion and my eye for perfection that shows in my work. I work in every yard like it's my own and I never just go through the motions or do the bare minimum. I truly love what I do and it shows! I would be happy to provide many references if needed. I have a great reputation in this community and have grown my business substantially in the last few years because of it.

I looked forward to working with you and please let me know how I can help! My job is to transform your yard and to keep it maintained along the way. Thanks for your time!

Chris Smith
Mower Man Lawn Services, LLC