Lois Rosner

I was first intrigued by the sign I saw on a neighbor's lawn that said Mower Man. I walked for a few blocks until I could find it, and jot down the number.Chris has done amazing work around my house and has transformed my back yard into a lovely rock garden; fence and all.After for being here for 10 years, my garage was left with many items I no longer needed and he and his staff cleaned it to perfection, and sealed it as well so critters could no longer get in.Moss removal, pressure washing, creativity in landscaping, winterizing. Chris is highly skilled in these and many more categories. What I said I wanted part of the back yard to be a low maintenance, low water design, he came up with the rock garden and it's perfect!I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great, creative gardener!

Testimonial Date

Sunday, March 10, 2013